Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I Do In Spare Time...

After completing my work i gets some spare time which i utilize while sitting on net. Now if i tell you what i used to do on net there its a big list !! Well.. nothing as such i just surf net according to my mood. Sometimes i surf for some spiritual quotations, sometimes some serious topics, articles, etc its all depend on my feelings. It happens many a times when i feel sad, lonely and left out then i prefers some lively wallpapers with good life quotations... and side by side i opens my Facebook account, read the updates of others and comment on them if i feel like to. I often update some cool quotations on my wall of facebook. I have many good friend who supports me whenever i need so also talk with them if there were free.  In this way i passes my spare time and get relief from my  sadness and lonely mood.


  1. Neha, now i tell you what you should do on free time.
    Its about updating this blog all time :)
    I really enjoy reading the new posts that you keep updating, make me surprise every now and then :)
    Thanks for lighting up smiles in my lips and torching the knowledge in my mind :)

  2. Hay thanks for liking my posts. And i hope i will write like this whenever i gets time. And could make people smile like you :)