EarthQuake Attack Today's Night @ 1:53 AM

After finishing up with my dinner yesterday night i slept at around 11:30 PM. I was surrounded with some dream and suddenly i felt that my bed is in slight motion. As i was in sound sleep i didn't realized it much. But when some lightning sound came from outside i woke up and got frightened. I thought i was still in my dreams so confirmed it. And was feeling like i am going faint as it seems like floor was in slight motion. I wake and switched on my rooms light. But after sometimes all became Ok. No motion in my bed and floor was also seems at its right position. I felt either i gone mad or still was in awakening sleep. So i closed my mind and again went to sleep. Now today morning when i wake up and switched on my television i came to know that in reality north-eastern part of Rajasthan stuked with Earth Quake having 4.5 magnitude. So got confirmed it at last and had a terrible experience of earthquake this night.  

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