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Q. What is sorrow ?
Ans : There are two kind of sorrow. The first comprise sorrow you have created through unnecessary things. Second comes from your indiscriminate actions with the right attitude, you can drastically reduce the burden of your sorrows. Always remember AFTER EVERY NIGHT THERE IS A DOWN LIFE IN A FLOW. By being a witness to flow, you can remain unaffected by everything. But once caught in the flow you can experience sorrow. 

Q. Why is love so important ?
Ans : A loving world a compassionate look, a simple good deed all these can bring light to the life of less fortunate as well as to your own. It is not what you gain, but what you are able to give  that determines value of your life. If you have been able to give happiness to a soul-even for a minute- it makes your life blessed. love gives everything there is no thought of receiving. Love has no COMPLAINTS, it accepts all..remove all fear, it transforms all ugliness into beauty because LOVE is real refuge. It is a beauty of life. love is a spring of life it makes it ever NEW and FRESH. Love is EXPRESSION of SELF. It is the thread on which all being a strung. When love awakens in a person, the divinity in him / her also awakens for LOVE IS GOD. It is the manifestation of divine.

Q. How does love create oneness ?
Ans : In LOVE, there are never two we feel a river to have two banks only because of water in between. If water of ego dries up only oneness remains. When love awakens the ego disappears. These human being realized their oneness with each other one realizes his /her oneness with the whole of creation. Davine love is knowledge, liberation and bless. When we become filled with that divine love we are able to see GOD in everything and that itself is the ultimate fulfillment.

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