Meaning Of Life To Me

Friends if we think about the word "LIFE" what strike in your mind ??? Its a biography of someone or its some paper written word which is vomited on the blog posts. But i am not here to show you some bookish theory
of life, i wanna share my feeling what exactly life meant for me and my story.
   It was a time when i was small i was very curious to play with small puppies, rather then going out with my age kids i used to play with small cute dogs & puppies who sate in garbage area i was not bothered about the sorrounding at all.
Those days were really good days when there was no aim, issues, targets of life. But now my world totally changed when i compare my childhood days with my young age. Well yes off course those days have a sweet memories with me. When i grow up i indulged myself in so many  things or i could say it was my fate only. And because of that i am here with lots of challanges in my life and got the true meaning of life for me as WE DON'T HAVE TO STOP OURSELVES BEHIND SITUATIONS, WE HAVE TO STEP FORWARD AND BELIEVE IN INNER COSINE BECAUSE WE KNOW OURSELVES BETTER THEN OTHERS AND WE HAVE TO DEAL OUR LIFE ALONE.

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