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It is easier to criticize, but DIFFICULT TO IMPROVE!


Once upon a time there was a painter who had just completed his course. He took 3 days and painted beautiful scenery. He wanted people's opinion about his caliber and painting skills.

He put his creation at a busy street-crossing. And just down below aboard which read -"I have painted this piece. Since I'm new to this profession I might have committed some mistakes in my strokes etc. Please put a cross wherever you see a mistake."

While he came back in the evening to collect his painting he was completely shattered to see that whole canvass was filled with Xs(crosses) and some people had even written their comments on the painting.

Disheartened and broken completely he ran to his master's place and burst into tears.
This young artist was breathing heavily and master heard him saying"I'm useless and if this is what I have learnt to paint I'm not worth becoming a painter. People have rejected me completely. I feel like dying"

Master smiled and suggested "My Son, I will prove that you are a greatartist and have learnt a flawless painting. Do as I say without questioning it. It WILL work."

Young artist reluctantly agreed and two days later early morning he presented a replica of his earlier painting to his master. Master took that gracefully and smiled.

"Come with me." master said.

They reached the same street-square early morning and displayed the same painting exactly at the same place. Now master took out anotherboard which read -"Gentlemen, I have painted this piece. Since I'm new to this profession I might have committed some mistakes in my strokesetc. I have put a box with colors and brushes just below. Please do a favor. If you see a mistake, kindly pick up the brush and correct it."

Master and disciple walked back home.

They both visited the place same evening. Young painter was surprised to see that actually there was not a single correction done so far. Next day again they visited and found painting remained untouched. They say the painting was kept there for a month for no correction came in!

Moral of the story:
It is easier to criticize, but DIFFICULT TO IMPROVE!

So don't get carried away or judge yourself by someone else’s criticism and feel depressed...

Beautiful Birds Wall Street

Monday, January 24, 2011

Refresh Mind With Cool Jokes !!!

* Interviewer: what is your birth date?

Sardar: 13th October
Which year?
Sardar: Oye ullu ke pathe _ _ _ EVERY YEAR

* Manager asked to sardar at an interview
Can you spell a word that has more than 100 letters in it?
Sardar replyed: -P-O-S-T-B-O-X.

* Teacher to Sardar: Write your best friend's name in English.
Sardar wrote: ' Beautiful Red Underware'
Teacher: What?
Sardar: His name is Sundar Lal Chaddi

* After returning back from a foreign trip, sardar asked his wife,
Do I look like a foreigner?
Wife: No! Why?
Sardar: In London a lady asked me Are you a foreigner?

* One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village???
Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!

* Lecturer: write a note on Gandhi Jayanthi
So Sardar writes, "Gandi was a great man, but I don't know who is Jayanthi.

* Sardar was doing experiment with cockroach, first he cut it's one leg and told WALK. WALK.  Cockroach walked.  Then he cut it's second leg and told the same.  Cockroach walked. Then cut the third leg and did the same.   At last he cut it's fourth leg and ordered it walk! But cockroach didn't walk.  Suddenly sardar said loudly, "I found it. If we cut cockroach's four legs, it becomes deaf.

* On a political rally sardar was arrested. Why???  A woman journalist walking with a badge wrote "PRESS" and  He did it..

* When sarda r was traveling with his wife in an auto, the driver adjusted mirror. Sardar shouted, "You are trying to see my wife? Sit back. I will drive.

* Sardar went in a hotel. To wash hands he went to the washbasin. There he started washing the basin.  Seeing this, the manager asked what was he doing. Sardar pointed towards the board " WASH BASIN "

* Interviewer: just imagine your in 3rd floor, it caught fire and how will you escape?
Sardar: its simple. I will stop my imagination!!!
Girlfriend: And are you sure you love me and no one else?
Boyfriend:  Dead Sure! I checked the whole list again yesterday

* Waiter: Would you like your coffee black?
Customer: What other colors do you have?

* Manager: Sorry, but i can't give u a job. I don't need much help.
Job Applicant:  That's all right. In fact I'm just the right person in this case. You see, I won't be of much help anyway!!

* Dad: Son, what do u want for ur birthday?
Son:  Not much dad, Just a radio with a sports car around it.

* Diner:  I can't eat such a rotten chicken. Call the manager!
Waiter:  It's no use. He won't eat it either.

* Diner: You'll drive me to my grave!
Waiter: Well, you don't expect to walk there, do you?

* Husband: U know, wife, our son got his brain from  me.
Wife:  I think he did, I've still got mine with me!

* Man: Officer! There's a bomb in my garden!
Officer: Don't worry. If no one claims it within three days, you  can keep it.

* Father:  Your teacher says she finds it impossible to teach you anything!
Son:  That's why I say she's no good!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nature's Love Wall Street

My Experience In Flight...

My very first experience i am sharing with you when i first step'ed in flight... Some friends of mine told me that flight travelling gives a very exiting feeling.
It was winter holiday last year we planned to visit to my bua's house in Hyderabad. Atually earlier we were booking train ticket but fortunately all seats were 
full at that time. So we decided to book flight ticket as we never been in flight earlier :). Timings were very odd it was around 6:15 in the morning so we planned 
to reach airport at least two hours earlier. I was shocked when i saw all the chekin rounds they are having in airport. And moreover its good to have such security checks 
after having so many terrerist attacks in flights. Well so at last we cleared all rounds one after the other smoothly. After that there was one long slanting stair connecting to 
plan entry gate with exit door of Airport. Finally we got our seats and waited for plain to start. Before the flight taken off one beautiful lady came and demonstrated us about 
how to tigh our seat belts and how to behave in flight..ha..ha.. i thought she must be knowing that there were many innocent people sitting in flight first time like me :P

All this funny things covered my mind and didn't felt that terror while flight landing and taking off. And after comming out from Airport we found our fufa ji waiting for us inorder to take us with him to his home.
Lastly our trip was not so bad as we visited in flight for first time to some unknown place.

I Miss You Quotations

" When I was dark....you offered light. When there was light....you helped it shine. When I was weak....you provided strength. For all the times I was wrong....you sort to make it right. Devotion is all I have to offer. My life has taken a turn and you provided the map. Thank you."

I miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry because i know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when i lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those were some of the best times of my life ."

I miss u when the sun goes down, I miss u txtin me when I'm tryin to sleep, I miss u goin to my wrk, I miss u touching me an makin me smile! I miss u so much it hurts an everyday my heart breaks all over again cause I know u are with her! Yet I still miss you..."

Everyday i think of you.
Everyday you cross my mind.
Everyday i see something that reminds me of you.
Everyday im missing you.
Everyday i wish you were mine.
Everyday i wonder what could of been.
Everyday i think of why you did this.
& everyday im getting stronger.
Everyday im moving on.
But everyday ill always miss you. "

Missing someone 
Is a part of loving them
If you're never apart
Then you'll never know
How strong your love really is..."

"I feel sometimes like I've truly lost my way
Sometimes it's hard to make it through the day

When I have the chance to sit and think
I stare ahead and never stop to blink

My heart is loudly crying out for you
My soul is crying out for love so true. "

" I hide my tears wen I say your name
but the pain in my heart is still the same
Although I Smile & Seem Care free
There is no one Who misses you more than ME."

How much important is internet in our life ?

Friends i think i am the better one this time who could tell you about the importance of internet
in today’s world. Internet became a part of life now. It feel like we can't survive on earth without internet. Now see I started blog writing few days back and my internet recharge was finished so
was feeling line something gone or lost from my life. :/.
I am very much attached with blog writing just because of my friends, visitors and followers. I am just feeling proud and grateful that yes I can express my feeling properly and people even could
Understand about my point..:). Internets have many useful aspects I feel It certainly gives good
Exposer to all, able to resolve our queries regarding any matter & topic. Even it is a medium to
Co-ordinate between far living friends and relatives.
Lastly we could say there is no satisfaction in life without internet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Hairstyle For Girls

Beautiful Modern Art

"Beautiful bird admiring the green beauty very calmly"
" Lonely forest covered with trees densely"
 " Human is hidden inside the beauty of love and haterate"
 " Light coming inside making grasses more fresh & green"
" deer watching his flashy food from far place, eye is on target"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Human Finger Art

" Man Having SPIRIT Coldrink"

" Ugly teacher " 
" Get Set Gooo"
"About to die now "
" School Captain"
" Oh...I won i weight lifting "
 "Beautiful white bird"
" Eagle made using Hand Art "
 "'Hand made Elephant"
 "Hand made Dog"
" Eee bad man"
" Beautiful hand made Peacock"
 " Playing a match "
"Beautiful Hand Art"