Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Matter We Are Apart

                                !! I Remember You !!
" I have thought about you so often 
Since we have been apart
It seems there is always something
To remind me of yours....
A Song,  A Place
Good News, I wants to share with you
A Joke, I know would make you laugh
A smile like yours...
So even though we can't be together 
Please know I think of you
And whether you know it or not
You often make me smile....:) "

                                !!   I Am The One For You   !!

" I am someone who cries for you
Worries for you, and smiles for you
and someone who cases about you
No matter what you do or say
Love, just a crazy feeling
deep love takes some understanding
So don't you go and break all the rules
And come to me
Always remember, everything comes to those who wait
like a winter waits for spring
and beauty it bring
And everyone searh for the perface one
If you believe, like you know that i do
You will see I'm the one for you
Whenever I'll be, land or sea
I will care for thee. "

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