Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool Evergreen Quotations

~A nice saying... If someone pointout your mistake...
Be happy that atleast someone is interested in what you have done..
Take things differently..!*!

~Never feel sad on losing anything in your life
Because whenever a Tree loses its leaf,
A new leaf is ready to take its place !*!

~Anything that happens is for a good reason
& Anything that doesnt happen is only for very good reason
Trust these words U’ll love ur life.

~Most of the problems of life are
due to the tone of our voice,
It is not what we say..
It is how we say..
that creates problems

~A Good Plan
4 Today Is
Better Thn
A Great Plan
4 Tommorow!
Look Backward
With Satisfaction
Look Forward
With Confidence.

~Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn't start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday. 

~Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.

~Age appears to be best in some things. Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read. Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep.

~God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW, lovingly touched it which turned in to u, and the he gifted to me and said, THIS FRIEND IS 4U.

                                !! 10 Marvellous Quotations..!!
1. I am a great believer in luck, and i find that the harder i work, the more i have of it!
2. Whenever you fall, pick something up!
3. No one can climb the ladder of success, with both hands in the pocket!
4. I am a slow walker but i never walked back!
5. Tough times never last, but tough people do!
6. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!
7. Not failure, but low aim is a crime!
8. Your aspirations are your possibilities!
9. The highest result of education is tolerence!
10. Control your destiny or somebody else will… ;->

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