Monday, January 10, 2011

Casual Writing Is Good Or Bad In New Age Of Media ?

This blog post is not meant to share an opinion on any particular event or topic. It’s main intent is to ask you your opinion on my question.

Is the casual style of writing which comes in blogging is a good or bad thing ?

Many a times my friends read over my writing and usually they reacts that i am so informal while writing a post. I write like as if I am speaking and often times that meant uneven terms, grammatical mistakes, and off the cuff remarks. What’s the big deal? I read many articles and blog posts where people share up their knowledge and views as if they are telling 
us their way face to face. We get attract towards people view and opinion rather then bookish terms.
I think that a less formal style of writing will eventually be the way that most of us consume the points and ideas. Obviously good writing will rise to the top but everlasting way of writing should cover full of expressions to be expressed fully on paper. What you say ?

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