Friday, January 14, 2011

Dental Torture Mind Ex-Hosting

Oh my goodness.. when i think of the tooth pain i had few days back i got some kind of shivering. It was the day which was so mind ex-hosting. I will never forget that day when my poor tooth got operated by the doctor. I remembered the fear and nervousness which i was felt while going to hot seat (operation chair). The doctor was looking like a devil wearing white cloth and coming in front of me with sharped knife. He was so relaxed but couldn't understood that how i was feeling when he was having a trial on my tooth :\. While sitting on the chair where tooth was in action, i was feeling like to jump from the seat and could ran away from there but all of no use. But you know one thing while sitting on the chair my mind was covered with all thoughts and images on that devil doctor. And i couldn't experienced much pain while operation held. I suddenly thought " well !!! this operation is not so painful as my friends told me after getting experience ...". Hmm... but yes you know why i didn't encountered terrifying pain....!! Just because i diverted my mind in all shaded stories about Dental Doctor and his terror. 

The moral of telling you my experience is :

" Whenever you are in some fear, frustration, sadness, low feeling... Just think of something different which could divert your mind and make you feel into better situation then you were into earlier"



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