Social network on net and our surrounding

When we talk about social network two things comes in our mind
-> Network created on net
-> Network created on surrounding
There is a wide difference between Net created on network and network we create in out surrounding.

* Network created on Net
   This kind of social being is most popular now a days. Every one getting busy in his / her official life and personal life and couldn't take out time to go out with friends and have telephonic interaction with them.
So at that time this network of net is very useful. We all know life will be very hard without friends as we need
friends for getting appropriate guidance. And every one feels this one or the other day. We easily get to connect with our friends and could even carry on with out official work too. So because of this social net network we are happy and could feel connected with outside world and friends. So we should say thanks to "www" services.

* Network created on surrounding
Network created in our surrounding is now becoming older day by day. Due to busyness in life we are
going far away to get in touch with people face to face, and we are ok with such behaviour because in place
of face to face connections we have taken more easier way of getting connected with our friends where ever they are.

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