How To Release Your Stress ?

Friends you all know we all are busy with some or the official or personal work which sometimes make us feel over burdened or in high stress. We just want to get out of it but we can't as some or the other problems or task hits on our head from our BOSS. So we have no choice to get out of it and to relax in that case i have a very good option and suggestion for you.You must be thinking like Oh God not again a new task lol ....NO NO... don't worry i am with you and thinking for you to make you feel good in such a bad situation.
So first of all i will tell you the right way to get out of it ( tensions, frustration, low feeling). So lets suppose you got a hit of a new task from your boss.. he calls you and order you to get the task done as soon as possible and the task given when you are covered with some other important work  !!... In that case just try to be casual in front of him and present your current work status calmly and insure him the best possible time you will handover the complete work back This way of presenting make a good impact on your boss which is much effective in front of him and make him comfortable too.
 Thats all, i told about official work and neo if i could pick the point to release stress came from household work. The easy and the best way is to listen songs of your choice while doing work at home. Its a self experienced way i am telling you. In my home too i sometimes become so exhorted and mental stressed out  becoz of my younger brother and sister. Both of them used to pass funny comments on each other it sometime irritates me. So inorder to get out of it i discovered my way to feel ok will those problems .. i release all torture and stress by listening songs of my choice using headphones. Its just a proper utilization of my valuable stuff too giving me mind relaxation with sound music :).
Sometimes i feel if music would not have been invented then how will be our lifestyle !!!! just no enjoyment, no mood refreshment way at all.
Hmmm i think in must write something about music in my next post I Guess :D

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