Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mai bathi the...

Mai bathi the ek ekant meee or kisi ne pucha, balika teri khuish kya hai is jeevan me
Maine ruk ke socha vichara or kaha..aap bus muhje mere munn ke chanchalta ko sthir bana do..
Yeh keh ker bus me sochti rahi ke yadi is munn ke sthirta mujhe mil ja ee to naa to kuch pane ke chah
hoge or naa kuch khodene ka gum sataega.

Reason why i Love You

If there has to be a reason why i Love You, i will only say it is coz you are and never aren't 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Habits Are Taken By Birth

The habits are taken by birth & it becomes our way in day to day life
as we grow older. Its sometimes hard to manipulate and modify the way of being
but a practice of self manipulation always in action coz of our love, Not to worry. :)

True Relation Between Two

It has been said always that the true relation between two is like a mirror
of one another. No either person have issues from the way he/she is.
But, i must say the truth or this true relation is a false mystery, i am still searching for universal truth.

As Time Changes

"Yes i have the same strategy of taking.this is U who have complaint on me about this & i remember the one who chose me as life partner coz of this talking strategy. "
As time change the the thought starts fluctuating