Monday, September 30, 2013

Grandma's loom

Your grandmom's loom
Weaves tales each night
Spinning snuggly blankets
Around your tiny round eyes

Your grandmom's loom
Has warps tied tight
One end - to her memories
And the other - into your gaze

Your grandmom's loom
Picks hues from her heart
And paints little roles
That scurry around your tiny thoughts

Your grandmom's loom
Culls rustic patterns from
Her peppermint jars
To add a sweet tinge to your waggling tongue

Your grandmom's loom
Rears cattle from hinterland
Talks of little girls in tiny towns
And walks through cities'  tall marvels

Your grandmom's loom
Sings stories from epics
Of great men and kings and often
Of your granddad, who fought his boss

Your grandmom's loom
Clasps your fingers gently
And walks you into warm worlds
Where time pauses, for you to catch up

And when you get to weave
I wanna watch close, my son
If the warps of your loom still smell sweet
Of pink flavors, from peppermint jars

I Am Sorry Son

Modern Day Love


In kitchens,
When onions are cut
And sulfur's in the air
And droplets of joy hop around

In temples
When you pray for me
And I watch your shoes
Weaving cocoons, my head to your toe

Behind car panes
As I hurriedly smear color
On my lips, into your heart
And all world  turns red

At office gates
When you smile for me
And I wish for you, as we step into,
Alternate worlds, away from ours

Along dirty beaches
When I catch some peace
And you breathe in spirits
One to surge, the other to ground

When in bright-dark nights
You walk those dreams
And  I watch your thoughts
We exchange smiles, fondly aware,
Of melting roles and shrinking spaces.

Gone are the days...

Gone are the days of such wondrous subtlety.. Sigh!!

"BE in me as the eternal moods 
Of the bleak wind, and not 
As transient things are 
Gaiety of flowers. 
Have me in the strong loneliness 
Of sunless cliffs 
And of gray waters. 
Let the gods speak softly of us 

In days hereafter,
The shadowy flowers of Orcus
Remember thee.

May your eyes....

May your eyes melt over the world 
Imbuing the splendor within
May your lips suckle her cloudy breasts
And travel to horizons - unreached
May your legs sink itself deep
And your roots clasp tight - her core
May your sweat moil all land
Not your ashes, to be lost in sand
May your ears listen in, to secrets
Flowing down rivers, from faraway lands

May your words soothe her soul
And your thoughts agnize her role
Until then, I only wish, until then,
She holds herself together son
For I fear the crack of doom
Has already begun...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Love Will Dissolve

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how 

hopeless the outlook how muddled the tangle, how great the 

mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

Faith Hope & Love

Yes I know I am not the only one for you, 

It's ok if I don't realize that.

Coz, when I get to realize it, I will not be happy anymore...