Grandma's loom

Your grandmom's loom
Weaves tales each night
Spinning snuggly blankets
Around your tiny round eyes

Your grandmom's loom
Has warps tied tight
One end - to her memories
And the other - into your gaze

Your grandmom's loom
Picks hues from her heart
And paints little roles
That scurry around your tiny thoughts

Your grandmom's loom
Culls rustic patterns from
Her peppermint jars
To add a sweet tinge to your waggling tongue

Your grandmom's loom
Rears cattle from hinterland
Talks of little girls in tiny towns
And walks through cities'  tall marvels

Your grandmom's loom
Sings stories from epics
Of great men and kings and often
Of your granddad, who fought his boss

Your grandmom's loom
Clasps your fingers gently
And walks you into warm worlds
Where time pauses, for you to catch up

And when you get to weave
I wanna watch close, my son
If the warps of your loom still smell sweet
Of pink flavors, from peppermint jars

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