Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Am Responsible Of My Words Only !!

" I am purely responsible for what i say not for the words which you understands. "

Aaj fir tum pe pyaar aaya hai...

Aaj fir tum pe pyaar aaya hai,
Aaj fir vo din yaad aya hai,
Dil vo bhe kuch haseen the,
Jub hum roothte the orr tum hume manate the :)


Mistake Make Us Perfect

" Any one who never done a mistake,
Had never tried a new thing in life. "

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hum kaise insaan hain ?

Kya hum ase hai jo apne andar kaa such chupate rehte hai yaa hum ase insan hai jo dusre kaa such
aapne hisab see set ker k batate rehte hai. Kabhi kabhi mai soch k hanss leti hun ki kya milta hai logon ko
is khitchdi paka ne me kun bebus hain yeh dusron ko girane me.
Kya etni se samajh hai in bade audhe paane valon main, kya zarurat hai faltu deemag khapane me.
Are chodo naa yaar kun duron ke lyf me pin point kerna !! Utho apne jeevan me naa faado ulte hisab kaa panna.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Someone To Listen

Sometimes it seems there is no one who want to listen what you feel about the situation,
Or in either ways they wanted to listen but they actually knew that they will not be giving you active
participation & motivation regarding situation.

Rust Will Never Leave

When i came to your lyf, i accepted the lyf of urs,
I tried to be a shiny appearance on your lyf,
But, its true that rust will never leave a shiny part without rusty appearance. 

You Own

You own everything which is mine,
I consider you a part of mine,
But one thing i want to own for me,
I want to own my self respect which is just for me & mine.

I Just Want To Be Me !!

I thought this time i will hold myself in cover of me,
Yes, i did hold myself in a cover of me,
But, why this holding spread selfishness around,
I don't want to be selfish but wanted to be just "ME"