Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stress Free And Happy Life

Most people experience stress and tension on a daily basis. This modern day living has a negative effect on the body which causes stress and makes concentration difficult within us.  The fact is that people today are faced with many situations that are wholly new, and with certain problems. In this case we have to schedule our time in such a way that we could spend some time for meditation and relaxation. Its a true fact that tension and stress give birth to many diseases like mental & Stomach disorder which in turn leads to other highly harmful diseases. So why not take some precautions in order to stay healthy. I would like to give you some tips to stay healthy with stress free and happy life.

1- Make a schedule of sleeping and waking up early in the morning.
2- Spend some time to relax and mediate say at least for half and hour daily. Better if you play some harmony 
music in background.
3- Its better to take some fruits in breakfast in empty stomach as i wrote in my early post.
4- You can play soft music while driving towards your office so as to feel good and calm.
5- Greet your office mates so as to make them smile and get some inturns.
6- Its better to send a soothing mail to all whih includes some good quotation according to your mood.
7- Sketch up your full day work plan in the morning according to their preference in order to maintain consistency.
8- Patch up with your work according to office time and avoid extra work in offices.
9- If feel like then take some evening food stuff at home in order to give surprise at home.
10- Enjoy your evening with your family or friends.

I Hope such simple tips for happy & healthy life could make you feel much better.         

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