Friday, January 14, 2011

To Train Your Brain - Self Motivate

In day to day busy life we people are suffering from one or the other brain related problems. We got frustrated very easily while doing our task in office. Chit-Chats with friends irritates us. We can't even concentrate on our personal fitness as such. Even when our friends ask us about mood and unusual behaviour we just hide our inner selves and say "Yeh... am all right !!! Whats wrong in mee.. I am ever happy as earlier".BUT we know how truthful we are at that time. "The ques­tion should not be whether we are happy but what we can do to become hap­pier forever."  And one thought make a difference in your life.

 Never give up in any cost even if you get motivated or not. Practice self motivation within you.
I will share my incident with you. Once i did some good job which is good from my point of view and needed some motivation to carry with it using same way. BUT didn't got motivated at that time i felt very low and thought that its better to leave this ! I kept quiet for 2-3 days and became very dull. So suddenly one thought hit my mind who is effected by my dullness and no one cares even all are busy with their life. Suddenly one strong point came and hit my mind like " YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR MIND NEHA AND YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING WITH JUST IMPLEMENTING YOUR THOUGHTS " . Then i again recollects that what i want and what i have to do exactly. And you know what again i got one answer that never expect motivation and appreciation from others just appreciate your work and your views and share with all which will give you strength. And just move on and on and think big and implement big thats it !.

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