Colourful Vision Behind The Blind

Today i went to some croudy place in my city where there were many people of higher and lower class, doesn't matter a lot but there i found one girl having a "Damru"(instrument) in her hand and one boy i think so he was her big brother !! they both were involved in attracting the public so as i was attracted. I stood there and noticed them that what exactly they are doing, then suddenly i got to know that they are physically unfit.
I was zapped !!! you know why they both were blind and they were playing musical instrument in order to attract and get some hand full of coins.
I came back home after watching all this how they created all environment around themselves and made people attracted towards them. And feel like to write about those people who were physically challenged and unfortunately from poor families.
Such children don't even know the taste of colours, moments, beauty and surroundings.
They defined their own definition of this beautiful world. I really feel very helpless
and bad that i am not doing anything for them and for their betterment of life. But yes i want to promote the feeling of, creating some change in their life so that they could also visualize the beauty of outside world and they could also live the life as we are living.

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