Friday, January 14, 2011

Good First Impression Establish Trust

Solid foundation for establishing trust depends on making good impression at first sight. When people get the wrong side of you during the first few encounters, it will be likely that you will never be able to get further strong relation with them. This is the main reason that why first impressions need to be great and long lasting. Here are some views to maintain good relations.

Always dress to impress while making sure that your dress is appropriate according to the occasion you are going to. Most people get the misconception of dressing up in order to look more formal but that it turns give off a bad impression which could shock people. 

Good posture plays a great role as it impact on your personality when you are talking to someone. Crossing your arms and folding hands send an impression that you do not want to talk or not interested.

Never let someone wait for you during some important meeting. You do want to make a solid impression that you are a person of your word. And be there on time for perfect meet.

During a conversation, have patience to listen others and avoid asking too many questions before completion of a topic. Relax and be ok with the company and matters discussed. 

After completion of meeting greet your partners.  


  1. It is very useful post. i highly impress with this post...

  2. Now i realize that i need to dress nicely than what im doing now. Thanks for the motivating post.

  3. @Umesh... thanks for taking interest in my post.
    @PK.. Its good that my post is making difference in some once lifestyle, good to hear that :)