Orkut Vs Facebook

Orkut and Facebook are the most popular social networking sites in India so far. Facebook is becoming popular in India and ruling for a few months in India.When it comes to social networking in India, Orkut was the major player since 2006 and According to ComScore.com Orkut is still at number first position. The major reason is that it was the first social networking site launched in India by Google. When we compare these two social media sites both does the same “connecting with friends” but have some unique features too.

According to research it has been found that Facebook ranks No.2; comprehensively beating Orkut (Brazil) ranking no 42. So it’s a known fact now that Facebook is God and will be the best social networking site in future. And its true that people who were having their account in Orkut are now preferring Facebook for their social purposes. There were certain reasons of this change in people's mind. 
Reason why people migrated to Facebook 

1. Privacy
If we talk about privacy in orkut so its clear that anyone can check your profile, Friends list etc on orkut. By default only your friends can see your profile. The others can only see your name and thumbnail (reduced version of the profile picture).

2. Networking Restricted
If you want to be part of the network of your company or faculty, you will have to prove that you are a part of it. Otherwise forget that! For example, if you're employee of the company XYZ, you will have to provide their corporate email (ex: orkut-guide@xyz.com) and a confirmation message will be sent to this email. This is really a long process for just joining a network in Orkut.

3. Design
No proper design in Orkut as such whereas if we see in
 Facebook everything is clean. You can customize the look of your profile, adding / removing fields and changing its position.

I personally felt that in ORKUT some virus attacks are common. Your profile pick will be replaced by some unknown identity and which will make you in hopeless situation.  

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