Main difference between a Blog and Website

Firstly we talk about a simple Websites

A website consists of many pages liked to sub-pages within the site. 
Take a simple website say ...

The website usually contains basic pages covering information according to page "Heading" (which describe to whole content of the page)

General pages which a simple website contains :-

1- Index Page 
       1.1 - Top banner with some static image, take care that avoid using flash on your website as crawler don't read the flash or any movable decorated layout.      
       1.2- Bottom of top banner comes the overview or business of the whole website.
       1.3- Then comes left navigation which contains your product listings linked to respective product pages.
       1.4- Bottom navigation should be there if your page contains so much of stuff and viewer is mixed 
up with your website stuff.

2- About Us Page
      2.1- This page contains a brief idea about the client, his business prospects, his area of interest, 
his roots around the world. All stuff which is needed as customer point of view.
      2.2- You can cover your product range in this page so as to make customer more comfortable about 
your products and services.
      2.3- Describe your way and how you maintain your business and planning to extend your roots with a separate heading. As customer demands growing clients and need services from them. 
      2.4- You should also describe about your Infrastructure.

3- Product Pages
    3.1- You should keep a clear picture about your product.
    3.2- Describe briefly about your product nature. 
Its ok if your product range is small, you can cover you all products in one page also but take care
to place all valuable stuff about our products according to customers view point.

4- Enquiry / Contact Us Pages
     4.1- Give a proper bold heading as "Contact Us" under which comes Business Address, Phone No, Fax No, Mobile No, Email Id. Than below that you can give a Business Enquiry Form covering 
"Describe Your Buying Requirements in Detail", Quantity, your Business, Purchase Plan and at last fill your contact details. 

Similarly, a small business site follows the same format -- it might have a home page and five or 10 sub-pages. Most traditional Web sites follow this format. If the site is small, it is sort of like an online brochure. If it is large, it is like an electronic encyclopedia. 
Now comes a simple Blog

For your information i should tell you that making a blog is not a hard task. A simple GUI make it more 
user friendly just drag, drop and pick applications of your area of interest.

A basic blog is normally a single page of entries. There may be archives of older entries, but the "main page" of a blog is all anyone really cares about. Your main page contains heading of your blog which proceeds the story what you explains.   

A blog is organized in reverse-chronological order, from most recent entry to least recent. 

A blog is normally public 
-- the whole world can see it. But its your choice to make it popular to the whole world. Through blog you can share about your ideas with people by single click.

The entries in a blog usually come from a single author. 

The entries in a blog are usually stream-of-consciousness. There is no such order of placing our points in blog. The most useful and needful thing is like if I see a good link, applications I can use it in my blog . The tools that most bloggers use make it incredibly easy to add entries to a blog any time.

This is all i want to share about websites and blogs with you... I think it might help you out while making a website or a blog....

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