My Room, My Life...

First of all if i talk about a room my opinion a room is a place which gives you all kind of necessary things or your needful belongings. We should keep our room in such a way that it could give us more lively feeling, comfort, relaxation and energy. Now if i tell you about my room then I may call its my life because I have spent most of my time and I myself like to call it as the temple of knowledge, the place which helped me to build up and plan my future strategies; the place I write and read, paint and exercise. So....  if I describe my room, it’s a square shaped huge room less items as i like unoccupied area more. My bed is the focal point from the front door, so that I can have a whole view of outside by just sitting on my bed.  I have my laptop along with one desktop in my room so whenever i feel like to have a networking practice i starts with that. both of these occupies my whole computer table and under that i have put my printer/scanner. There were three box in my computer table totally stuffed with CDS, HEADPHONE, DATACABLES, etc. Mostly i use my lappy for internet purpose as could very easily uses where ever and any other room too. I have a good collection of songs something around 4 GB so no problem with songs at all full ON with good songs in my room :). One more thing i like the most while sitting in my room... i have a hobby to recollect old memories so once in a month or two i opens my old collections which includes old black-in-white photographs of the days when i was small, my small little brother and sister when they used to prank at home, memories when whole family went out for outing, some greeting cards given to me on my birthday from my friends.. and my younger once. Along with all this i have a great eagerness of collecting items such as newspapers and books where i could find topics of my interest. I sometimes write good things on my Facebook wall when i gets some good once. After all this i could say my room gives me more life and make me feel more fresh when ever i enters my sweet room as i have all things of my interest.

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