Public Speaking Not Bad As Such !!!!

Speaking is one of the best way to share our view point, thoughts and our feelings. One can speak well among friends and known people. But when it comes to public speaking one type of fear and phobia attacks people. They just want to rush and run from there and used to ignore the topic. And my point of writing this post is to make you feel comfortable with public speech and can enjoy it too. Friends i am not sharing some bookish writeup or some quotation about it. I writes what i feels and what is my own experience regarding the topic "PUBLIC SPEAKING". I must tell you few years back i was a very shy kind of person who don't want to talk with unknown people, some official and family gathering scares me a lot. At that time was just covered myself in my personal issues. I was mixing myself with all problems and what actually i was doing is i covered myself in invisible box and my thinking level was totally till the box ends. One day i get to know about one TV channel hm... i don't remember the name of the channel exactly.. so ya in that channel there were many people sharing their views, ideas about their path they are into...they were sharing about their inspirations, their goal and aspect of their life. After watching all this i found one if those people can stand instantly in front of media and speak, then why can't I. Why i am steping back whenever i have to face the public ??? What is the reason !!!. So friends do you know what the answer i got !!! I was just "Conscious about my speech", "My standing posture". So one strong thing i develop in my mind...which says like "THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU OR LISTENING TO YOU ARE YOUR FAMILY" that means...feel the public as, all are there for you and all are one. And one more thing always should remember is feel "CONFIDENT" and "APPRECIATE" yourself for what ever you did. And promise yourself that next time you will ROCK !!!
See how these words in turn impact you... You will feel more comfortable, relaxed, passionate about Public Speech.

I hope this writeup of my own experience will help you out somewhere.... If it makes a difference in someones life then its worth writing.

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