Just Regain Your Motivation

Do you always need some motivation to complete your tasks? 

Most of us feels motivated if we are doing some task of our choice which we love, but when it comes to some tasks which we dislike, we just try to get out of that as soon as possible while completing the tasks. We always think of motivations in our work and our efforts but all the things which we want and expect doesn't works always. Due to this sometimes we loose our hope and feel helpless and left alone. We have to feel that a single thought change our life. In other way i should say its your choice to handle your situation in which you are into.
There are two ways to handle your current situation. One is by taking all hurdles lightly and move on towards your goal and chosen path or secondly you could change your way if you found some obstacle in between. People who depends themselves on the situation and change their way according to situation or hindrance mainly don't have perfect and clear picture of their AIM. 
Because someone who have some pre- chosen path and AIM keep their eye on his goal without considering barriers coming in between. They generate some kind of power in themselves which motivates them to take every step will full confidence. Full confidence and clear picture of destiny gives a boosting power in us sometimes we feels that its not so tough to react our goal.. you know why ? Its just because of our SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF- DETERMINATION
If we have such good power to take step and reaching the goal then Why we need motivations from others ??? No one has time to motivate us and see what we can do in upcoming years. All are busy in uplifting their positions and problems. So i suggest you all to just don't depend on someone who should come and motivate you. JUST MOTIVATE YOURSELF AND DEVELOP POSITIVE ENERGY AROUND YOURSELF. believe the words like 

                        " Develop Yourself In Such A Way That....
                          People Will Follow You And Admire You....." 

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