My Experience In Flight...

My very first experience i am sharing with you when i first step'ed in flight... Some friends of mine told me that flight travelling gives a very exiting feeling.
It was winter holiday last year we planned to visit to my bua's house in Hyderabad. Atually earlier we were booking train ticket but fortunately all seats were 
full at that time. So we decided to book flight ticket as we never been in flight earlier :). Timings were very odd it was around 6:15 in the morning so we planned 
to reach airport at least two hours earlier. I was shocked when i saw all the chekin rounds they are having in airport. And moreover its good to have such security checks 
after having so many terrerist attacks in flights. Well so at last we cleared all rounds one after the other smoothly. After that there was one long slanting stair connecting to 
plan entry gate with exit door of Airport. Finally we got our seats and waited for plain to start. Before the flight taken off one beautiful lady came and demonstrated us about 
how to tigh our seat belts and how to behave in flight..ha..ha.. i thought she must be knowing that there were many innocent people sitting in flight first time like me :P

All this funny things covered my mind and didn't felt that terror while flight landing and taking off. And after comming out from Airport we found our fufa ji waiting for us inorder to take us with him to his home.
Lastly our trip was not so bad as we visited in flight for first time to some unknown place.

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