Tuesday, January 18, 2011

‘Straight Talking’ Is Good Or Bad Quality ?

If you have a reputation for ‘straight talking’ it means you talk to people in a direct and honest way.  Is this a good or bad quality in your opinion?

Friend today i will discuss about my views on the strong topic ‘straight talking’ either GOOD or BAD.

As you know we people are having different way of expressing our point. Some people used to explain in a twisted manner, some explains while cracking jokes,  some with sound face and some very straight TO THE POINT. I feels that telling our point, to-the-point is not a bad way of expressing point as, instead of taking too much of time in coming to point in few minutes one can speak and go. Main thing is actually we don't have time to chase person in speak step by step it sometimes even irritate the opposite person so whats wrong in closing chapter in two three lines. 
Yes.. if we see in either side then we can say its a harsh way on telling our point which makes opposite person feel bad sometimes. But such straight way we can use when we have close the chapter without unnecessary explanations. All this totally depends on our compatibility with opposite person as well. We can speak any thing to one who know our way very well. And this will make him feel Ok with how we explained. 

Lastly i can say that there are good and bad aspects of every point. Here also sometimes it's good and sometimes it's worst. But we can't say that its always a bad process of expression. 

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