How to pretend to listen a class while you are sleeping..;)

Monday 10th Jan, 2:59 PM : Was just sitting in my room and dreaming about my upcoming MBA classes which are about to start from next month. ha.. i was wondering that am so lazy girl that having no time to wake up and sleep at night. Hmm but what to do i have to prepare myself for getting ready early in the morning for going to my classes :). I am thinking if it happens like i slept late at night and in the morning i have to rush up to my classes then what will happen ! Two thing i have do either change my schedule of sleeping at night or just while sitting in classroom and pretend to be most studious girl and ready for every answer ha haa.. I wish i could not be caught read handed while i sleep in class. :P. After imagining all this i feel like Oh God will i be able to change myself EVER !!!!!

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