Mamma Papa

I should laugh or should i cry,
Where is my innocent childhood,
when the world seemed to be fair.

when everybody seems to be selfless,
everybody was there for my care.

Muma !! Is it my fault that i have grewed up,
yea Dad its mine that i have screwed up.

Now no body cares for me,
why i have to live alone.
why i have to earn my livings,
muma am i now not your son now.

You always made me laugh muma ,
than why i made you cry.
You always kept me in your chest muma
than why i said you goodbye.

People called me heartless,
but i loved u muma.
im feeling so helpless,
just heal ma soul muma.

I was born in your lap muma
i was brought up in your hand,
i want to die in you lap muma,
God Punish me for my sins
and bury me in the sand...

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