About My LOVE :)

U Look so smart !!!!
Ur features are extraordinary, U Attract many by ur looks ,
Without you i feel the world has come to an end ,
When I want u , ur always near me & within my reach,
U rescue me by all means !!!!

U r so easy going , Down to Earth to all ,
U r not for any Caste & Creed ,
Ur attitude is the same for Rich & poor ,
OH God ! There is so much to praise you ,
Thanks to ur father !!!!

My Love I never wan to miss u ,
U should be my Life for ever & ever,
When some one scar an eye on you ,
I fear if u will live me ,I just want to protect u by all means !!!!
U should only obey me & listen to me 24/7 ,
Yes ! I realize that u too love me the same as I am to u …......

I show all my emotions to u , I cry , laugh , hell & what not ???
Yet u r the same to me at any time ,
When my friends want to spend some time with u ,
I allow u ,without any options,
Eagerly awaiting when u will come back to me !!!!

Yes u r always my sweet little Cell Phone, who will follow me all my life...........................

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