How does it work..

How does it work up there

Or down, Wherever

Souls stacked in huge tins

Bodies queued up -

In long assembly lines

So where are they sealed

I guess the neck, No -the skull

Filling a common potion in each -

Humanity they say - Laughable

Then there's a unique run

Through a handcrafting mill of sorts

Grafting individuality

Another face to forget

A heart to feel, to throb -

No warranty, the print reads

A mind that schemes -

To make, to mar

Some genes sprinkled-

Link to the previous node

A pinch of past thrown in -

How do we justify prodigies then

A learning engine -

Learns backwards I fear

Then the tag which stamps all-

Address, Time, Place

Did I hear - fate too

MRP just reads- HUGE

No Cash On Delivery

In small print -

Everybody pays

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