Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why people Love ? Why they trust ? What is the secret behind ?

Once a while sitting a aside, a million dollar Question covered my mind.

Why people Love ? Why they trust ? What is the secret behind ?

It is often seen that people in love used to have hours and hours of conversation with their lovers. And they didn't bother about the outside world. They cover their world around their lover and his surroundings. Usually they trust all the words spoken within themselves. Might they get some bad image across their friends and their family.

All those queries stood in my mind and compelled me to write a blog post regarding my thinking about this situation exactly.

It happens usually if someone incomplete in his/her family. Don't get environment as he likes & when Love missing in his surrounding. Pushes the person to search happiness, satisfaction, love outside. Where ever he gets little support he tilts his mind and heart. His expectation and belief increases with the other person. He always wants to see the world with his eyes and listen the thing which other person love to hear. Some emotional people becomes so true to the person that they didn't realize, what they are leaving behind. As time pass on their relation becomes so true and strong and they feels it was a god wish only. But when it comes to leave that person they feel their happy life ended. I don't know why it happens ?

Why one strange person becomes so important in life ?

If we see the other aspect then i feel, no one should love someone so hearty that after leaving them their life seams to be an end. Love is not just to be with person the whole life. True Love will never ends also after been apart.

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