Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quotation From Me

When a person can find sorrow behind ur smile,
Words behind ur silence,
Love behind ur anger
You can believe that person is ur true friend ...

Morning is to pray..Morning is to smile...Morning is to plan...

Life is Short.....Live it up.....Be Happy, Be Friendly...Good Morning.....

Our every action is preplanned by our creator that is GOD

D.L Moody prayed for 100 of his friends & 96 of them gave their lives to Jesus & the rest four of them accepted the Lord at his funeral.
Please Read This..
Don't neglect your Friends..
Share the Good News about JESUS...

Lyf is like a hell when taken it in wrong way...and it almost heaven when you take it as it comes in happy way :)

I live today... I want to live tomorrow....I want to be lived better forever.

The most 100$ relationship is of love.. whether its with family, friends or lover.. It gives perfection to our lives and hope to see better and best tomorrow.

If we have rights ON our lyf A happy lyf ... then why we are been unhappy always ??

Accept the lyf in the way it comes..if you raise a question on it, then you have to deal with unavoidable happenings..whether you able to deal with it or not.
Just It will train you how to deal with it in a right way in future.

love the way i Am, love the way to Be, Just love the way to feel a Difference !!!

We struggle in web "what to do" "what not to do" why don't we think this is the way I DO !!!

Where there is a life, there is a love....both of them are incomplete if taken single.

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