Monday, August 8, 2011

God Talks And Listen To Us

When we are in a mood of sadness. Feeling lonely and depressed. When no one cares, our loved once leave us like a junk and useless. The only single positive way to be out of all mess is sitting in front of god. Talk with god as if he is the only one best friend who listen to you and to guide you the right path. All the sadness, ill feeling will split and vanish out from us in the form of tears. Cry and cry speak your feeling to god and ask him the right path to go ahead. Friends believe or not you will definitely get the solution. God the only one who care for you, who listen to you, who guide you without showing you the manner how he is doing it. Sharing feeling with friends or family members will not work out at the end rather your true feeling been shared out with other. And with no reason you will feel more helpless.

Praying to god, talking with god, asking god, ordering god really give some kind of strength. It gives a feel that yes if no one cares then the ultimate creator is with you. Really it's a real zeal we get inside.

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