Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poem Of Love

When I was small, I was in a cage
No one was there to make me feel great
I cried to get a little space,
In the heart of my father as i had faith
I ask him why he don't express
He kept silent and kept me in stress
I been lonely and kept depressed.

One day i got someone to listen to my words
He made me feel happy and from worst to worth
We shared all our happiness and sad moments
The relation goes for years and years.
They been happy and happier ever.
People praised for strong relation.
Prayers and praises they gathered for their love relation

One day the time came to get apart.
Girl cried and asked to be little part.
He said why wasted time and got depart.
In minute girl recalled her faith in him.
From that day she never wept again.

"Love Will Never End, It Will Last Forever " 
"Where ever They Go, Love Will Remain The Same"

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