Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost In Love

" Some says love is just a attraction, some says love is affection " If we sit a while and think about this feeling
we gets lots in our imagination. We can just imagine and feel if we have love with us.
It sometimes give happiness, sometimes sadness or sometimes life long guilt. We feel happy and satisfied if we
have lots and lots of love with us either from family or friends. Sometimes it gives sadness for being departed from our loved once. We creates a story of our life with some people we loves and can't live without. Story acquire whole of our attraction and belief. We feels that without those story character we will not live happily and will loose ourself. what this all happens with us usually..how some people becomes extraordinarily important in our life. After all we met them recently and had relation of some few days or years. Why sometimes people in love forget their origin, why they mean their love the most before their parents. Why it happens...these all have a big question mark in itself !!! Did you have any answer about it !!!?

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