Traffic Update Delhi

Hello hello... its a live update about traffic @ Delhi.. Meri Delhi..where ever we go this stupid pollution and un-notified wrong direction going public runaround.
Creating tamper in hot blooded people. I used to see daily our cab driver struggle a lot for making us reach office on time. Well !! he is a good driver even, thats why. I too know how to drive a four wheeler but i can say very strongly that I CAN'T DRIVE IN DELHI roads.
I am guessing like people don't know the traffic rules or they don't love their lives. They dont care about  what will happen if that got hit anytime by some vehicle. Why dont they think to wait a while give one point to their life. By writing this post i want to convey my message to all hurry bury people that ... Chill !!! Dont rusy on roads please ... one wait will make you GREAT and one Hurry step will make your life on stake. There are many lives attached with you and your absence in their lives will make them feel down and bad through out their lives.

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