Struggling Within

In day to day life we people are becoming engaged in some or the other work. All work depends on the taste of people. Some are busy with their official jungle, some with personal purpose. But if we see youth then they mostly busy with their girlfriends. Struggling in their friendship. A kind of knife is hanging on their neck for maintaining and toleration their false relationship with a stranger. As i feel they used to live in a translucent behavioural life where they have to pretend to be so kind and caring. I usually ask a question that "What this kind of life people deals". why they always pretends !!. Such carry on behaviour leads to acquiring of polythene on human which prevent him to act him naturally.
After that many a times when i see official life then there also same propaganda is in action. Prople are struggling to show false behaviour in front of others. They are wearing invisible blanket on them always pretending and pretending day after day. After seeing all this i always ask a question within myself. Am i also pretending something ? Am i doing work and deeds inorder to make other feel something on me !! . Well its tough to answer this question on me by myself. I too a victim of this artificial world. And yes its true i am trying to be myself rather then someone else. Hoping to enjoy my life with myself trully and fully. This is a story of  "I Am Struggling Within"

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  • Struggling Within


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