Dahi Ke Aalu Recipe

Ingredients :

4 Big Spoon Curd (Dahi)
2 small spoon Haldi
3 small spoon Red Chilli
Hing 1 small pinch
Dhniya 4 small Spoon
Salt according to taste
Oil 5 small Spoon
Jeera 1 small spoon
Boiled Aalu

Directions : 

Take a bowl with curd & add Dhniya, Haldi, salt, Red Chilli & mix it uptil it mixes properly.
Then take kadhai & add oil to heat then add zeera. Sweetch off the gas and let the oil to become cool.
When the old cold down again switch on the gas & add the curd mixture via mixing the mixture without gap.
Note : Mind if you doing mix the curd the curd will be spoiled.
When the mixiture seems to be heaten up & oil and curd get little seperated then add mashed allu to it & let the gas on sim.
Let the mixture on gas till 5 min & your Dahi ke Aalu sabji is ready.

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