True Friend...Internet And Social Network

It was the time when i was alone where there was no power to empower me. My ideas my views sourrounded my in some invisible container with an air of lonelyness. I adjusted my self in that lonely, scary and blank container where no one to share with anyone.

One fine day i came in touch with one friend "Internet". She told me to get in tough with with her and share my thoughts, behavior, views, feelings. And she also told and insure me that she will introduce me with her most fast and beat friends. You know who were her true friends ?? Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Google and many others. They all were totally sharing their ideas, views, inspirations among them and the most best thing i found is they tries to help other public to join their group. This change of sharing and friendship molded from INTERNET TO SOCIAL NETWORK. Now the time is i can say that i am no more alone and lonely BECAUSE I have true friend which is INTERNET and SOCIAL NETWORK. Where i could share and suggest more and more.

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