Meaning Of Family

Read many book from different function areas comprising education, poetry, social services, motivational, love and romance. Every where i found some what catchy or energizing atmosphere. Reading books give a positive approach towards life it seams. I always wanted to read books which give me positive energy which would not only entertain me but also increase my vocabulary as well. Reading of books gave me a positive aproach in my life which compel me to share and share. Now a days i am feeling like to explore my thoughts and write a whole book on my thinking. Today i feel to share the exact meaning of family and the true love with our family members. In a family we might have brothers, sisters, mom and dad all are incomplete without a single person among them. I feel happy and true love feel while watching my younger growing in front of me, just wanted to protect them from bad atmosphere and give them proper teaching what ever good i have with me. Good and lovable family is very heard to get so a family should have love between each and every person. Always try to give more and more you have with you to them as once those moment skipped they can't give you next chance to come again.

Moral : "Always try to clear misunderstandings created within family members, As we don't know whether we get next chance in future or not. "

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