Bonding Between Us

The bonding between us is such a powerful mistry to me, I have been in pain of being alone and sleepless nights.

I Miss You

As the days passing some memories gathering slowly.. surrounding me with sensation of badly missing the one like you...Please come back soon 

Never spoil a day

" Never spoil a day for the person who find reasons to spoil you,
U better spoil your life for the person who remain spoiled for u his entire life "

I write

I write coz i love 2
I share coz i have right 2
I listen coz i surrender 2 listen for what you are up 2

Love the person

" Love the person who loves you
Obey the person who respect you
But, keep distance with the person who find
reasons to hurt you. " 

Limit Your Emotions

" Some says emotions should be there in married life but, if one ask me about it then the only thing i will say.. Never be only emotional coz being practical will make ur life more easy and with no expectation. If you be emotional u not only loose yourself but also loose respect in front of others."

Cutest Kid Of The Year !!