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Best Songs Lyrics

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Get Motivated By Yourselves !!

Below are the tips to Get Motivated By Yourselves

1- Ask mood uplifting questions in the morning from yourself like what makes you happy, what are you happy and excited about in your life currently.

2- you can have a small with yourself that after finishing work you will have a walk around a park or a silent car drive which make you fresh.

3- Do small activity to feel good such as clean your room, desk and arrange your cloths.

4- Don't compare yourself with others. It can kill your motivation as there are always people ahead of you.

5- Feel joyous & Cherish your successes instead of failures.

6- Try to create fun in every task. It will keep you motivated to finish them.

7-Think out-of-the-box, think different and create different to have a unique identity all together.

Dahi Ke Aalu Recipe

Ingredients :

4 Big Spoon Curd (Dahi)
2 small spoon Haldi
3 small spoon Red Chilli
Hing 1 small pinch
Dhniya 4 small Spoon
Salt according to taste
Oil 5 small Spoon
Jeera 1 small spoon
Boiled Aalu

Directions : 

Take a bowl with curd & add Dhniya, Haldi, salt, Red Chilli & mix it uptil it mixes properly.
Then take kadhai & add oil to heat then add zeera. Sweetch off the gas and let the oil to become cool.
When the old cold down again switch on the gas & add the curd mixture via mixing the mixture without gap.
Note : Mind if you doing mix the curd the curd will be spoiled.
When the mixiture seems to be heaten up & oil and curd get little seperated then add mashed allu to it & let the gas on sim.
Let the mixture on gas till 5 min & your Dahi ke Aalu sabji is ready.

Instant Reprocess Chapati

Ingredients :

4 Big Spoon Besan
3 Pinch of Red Chilli Powder
2 Pinch of Garam Masala
Salt according to taste

Directions : 

Take the measured quantity of besan in a bowl & add Chilli powder, Garam Masala, Salt as per mentioned above. Now make a mixture via adding water into it.

Now take one chapati & place it over tava with adding the processed besan mixture over chapati. Add oil so as to avoid stickness of chapati. After one side been done do it on other side of it. The besan mixture been added on one side of chapati.

Service the simple crispy parantha with chutney or sauce.