Wall Of The day !!!

In charge of ACTION !!!

This is true fact and belief that a human being is real in charge of his action and result generation. Dreams and inspirations utters
in our mind with total positive results. But in reality results matters on the intensity of ACTION which human takes according to his own dreams.
Self analyses is that, i dreamed of so many results which were drastically positive and good for me. Whereas, in reality somehow they doesn't comes with
positive response. I while sitting with a peace state of mind did little visualization within me with a simple question. What you have done to guide your dreams in positive path actually !!!!
YES !! then i got an answer from self...JUST nothing according to dream which i dreamed the day. I was JUST waiting for result with no certain ACTION to make it positive.

Therefore, from now on i take a DREAM with best suitable ACTION which is required according to me.