DefinitIOn Of LIFE

Never Accept ThE DefinitIOn Of LIFE FrOm OthErs

It Is Ur Life
Define It By YOursElf
The Way yOu LOve
The Way YOu HatE
The Way YOu SacrificEd
The Way YOu FOrgavE

NO One KnOws AbOut "YOU" BettEr Than "YOurself"... :)

Dedicated To all Girls

Never care what other people think of you because
you will be perfect to someone [♥]
Stop worrying about your eyeliner, hair, or lips. One day you'll find a guy that won't care about them all & only looks at your heart. [♥]

Good Morning Quote

                                                 !!!!! Quote  Of The Day !!!!!
"Every stand touch the sky higher and higher, motivate the upcoming one to be as they are in the lonely struggling worlD "