Hope is a precious commodity.
It fuels our drive. It gives us the courage
to continue through any struggle.

Hope gives us the desire to face
another day, to strive to overcome
it's challenges and work for new ones.

Hope gives us glimpses of tomorrow,
of the possibilities that lie in our future
and of the paths we need to travel.

Hope lightens our steps when the
road is strewn with obstacles,
and helps us decide on our route.

Hope puts a smile on our face
and a glimmer in our eyes.
Hope let's us see love as it blooms.

Never lose faith in your abilities,
trust the instincts you have inside,
they will guide you through your journey.
And always have hope.

Always look to the future.
Always believe that the best is out
there for you to find.

Never lose your hope.
Never lose the faith you have in
who you are.

Because with that faith in yourself,
lies the essence of your hope.


This Is The Right Choice !!!

Friends it happens with every one that we used to take lots and lots of time in following the right path. Yes i am here talking about our career prospects. We know each one of us have done Degree and is well educated. But the thing is are we in a satisfied position or in a dream JOB. I think every one will have a BIG "?" in their minds.
What my past experience says is we go towards destiny some how. We fight for our right job after completing
degree one who is from computers back ground run towards IT companies and from other branches towards their respective industries. But ultimately we don't know in which field we are good at and where we perform better. One suggestion i could give you all...think about your requirement first...what exactly you want in your
career line. If you are in some IT firm working for the sake of your computer science degree !! then its waste
to work in that line. Doing studies and gaining degree's will definitely be fruitful in future always. So try to be in the line (Career ) where your mind and heart says. Don't choose a career line just because you did degree in
that line.


" Every individual part is to work in some or the other firm to earn BUT working in the firm where you have interest make a difference "