Meaning Of Life To Me

Friends if we think about the word "LIFE" what strike in your mind ??? Its a biography of someone or its some paper written word which is vomited on the blog posts. But i am not here to show you some bookish theory
of life, i wanna share my feeling what exactly life meant for me and my story.
   It was a time when i was small i was very curious to play with small puppies, rather then going out with my age kids i used to play with small cute dogs & puppies who sate in garbage area i was not bothered about the sorrounding at all.
Those days were really good days when there was no aim, issues, targets of life. But now my world totally changed when i compare my childhood days with my young age. Well yes off course those days have a sweet memories with me. When i grow up i indulged myself in so many  things or i could say it was my fate only. And because of that i am here with lots of challanges in my life and got the true meaning of life for me as WE DON'T HAVE TO STOP OURSELVES BEHIND SITUATIONS, WE HAVE TO STEP FORWARD AND BELIEVE IN INNER COSINE BECAUSE WE KNOW OURSELVES BETTER THEN OTHERS AND WE HAVE TO DEAL OUR LIFE ALONE.

Happy New Year 2011

New resolutions having new creations connected with new task filled with new ideas with broad new vision on new area ANDDD Ready To Go ...!@!
                                                           ~Neha Gangal

Praying really can help you in hard times

Prayer really can bring comfort during tough times, according to new study. 
Those who were boiling with anger said they found 'a readily available listening ear'.
"If they vented their anger to that abusive partner, the result was likely to be more violence. But they could be angry at God while praying without fear of reprisal," said Sharp.
"During prayer, victims came to see themselves as they believed God saw them. Since these perceptions were mostly positive, it helped raise their senses of self-worth that counteracted their abusers 'hurtful words,' said Sharp.
Prayer is also a handy distraction for some, the study found.
Sharp said, "I looked at the act of praying, of speaking to God, as the same as a legitimate social interaction. Instead of a concrete interaction you would have face-to-face with another person, prayer is with an imagined other."
However, the consequences of prayer aren't always positive.

Nothing Bad About Past

Saturday 8th Jan, 2:00 PM : Sitting in my room thinking of doing something creative and joyful. Recalling the past experiences which are good one and gave me everlasting memories. Was just wondering and recalling the days when we used to have some plans either for studying, for going out with friends and moving around for just timepass :). Those days were really amazing and gave a bright impact on future that i am still thinking about those moments. As after having some work experience from past companies and got familiar with official 
behaviour now i tied my belts to again jump towards studies in which i will be enrolling myself with lots of presentations, exposer, seminars and lectures. So was just excited to have a good chance in indulge myself in studies.

Transformation Through Love

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transform.

Thought Of The Day

$mile is a source to win the heart,
$mile is name of lovely mood,
$mile creates greatness in personality,
$o $mile and be happy always.
G@@d M@rning !!!

Today Is Always There

There are two eternities that can break you down. Yesterday and tomorrow. One is gone and the other does n’t exist. So live today !

Feeling Have Fluctuations

Sometimes we feel good, Sometimes feel bad,
Sometimes we feel jolly, Sometimes feel frustrated,
What exactly we have to feel in a constant manner is a big QUESTION !!

Good Living : To stick to your new year resolution

If you're tired of not being able to stick to your resolutions, here are some tips.

  1 Be specific: Resolve to not just ‘lose weight’ but more speifically, say ‘10 kilos in 4 months’. Also, go one by one with the goals. This way, it’ll be easier to achieve them.

2 Regular review: Write down your resolution and post it in a place, where other people can see it. If your resolution is buzzing through your head, it’s easier to stick to it. Also, keep monitoring your success every few days.

3 Seek help: Ask for help when it is getting difficult to stick to your resolution. If a family member or friend has a similar goal, work
on it together.

4 Immediate action: Fix a date and start henceforth. Don’t tell yourself that it is the last time. Also, steer clear of people who are likely to encourage resolution-breaking.

5 Reward yourself: Set small-term goals and start rewarding yourself with a small splurge at each significant step in achieving your goal.

Thought Of The Day

Only two things you ignore: things that aren't important and things you wish weren't important, and wishing never works.